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Trees to Avoid Near Sewer Lines

Trees to Avoid Near Sewer Lines

Trees to Avoid Near Sewer Lines

Do you have a tree that is constantly causing problems along your sewer lines? This should be the ideal time to contact the Drain Doctor for a solution. 

Planting trees in the wrong places can cause serious damages to the home plumbing system. The reason for this is that the root of trees can grow and infiltrate a plumbing system, causing cracks in the foundation. It is important to have proper landscape planning where enough space is left between plants and pipes to avoid plumbing issues. 

Tips and Ideas on Preventing Plumbing Issues Caused by Tree Roots

First of all, you need to locate the places where the sewer system and pipes are located. You need to also identify the positions of underground utilities such as cables. You can contact us at Drain Doctor, to assist you in this regard. 

Take measurements of the distance between a plant and your home. Make sure there is no interference between the root of the plant and your home’s foundation. Trees that grow quickly in search of water should be spaced at between 20 and 30 feet from the home. 

You need to ensure that plants around your home are watered and supplied enough nutrients to ensure their roots do not infiltrate the sewer lines. You should also consider planting trees with less aggressive roots. 

Give us a call at Drain Doctor to carry out maintenance services on your sewer lines. Pipes normally provide water and nutrient to the roots of plants, that is why plant roots grow quickly towards broken pipes. 

You should consider the installation of root-growth barrier that discourages the growth of tree roots toward sewer lines. This barrier releases a chemical that deters roots from growing towards sewer lines in homes. Metal and wood barriers can also serve to protect sewer lines from being damaged by plant roots. Feel free to contact us at Drain Doctor to schedule sewer line replacement in Atlanta or any other sewer line services in your area.  

What Types of Trees Can Cause Damages to Your Home Plumbing System?

It is important to stay away from trees with aggressive root systems, to avoid their infiltration into the sewer lines. Some of the worst trees and shrubs that have roots that can infiltrate your plumbing system are; Maple, Willow, Poplar, and Elm. You may want to contact us at Drain Doctor for details on trees that may likely cause serious damages to your sewer lines.

Contact Drain Doctor If You Suspect Root Damages to Your Plumbing System

If you are suspecting plant root damage to your plumbing system, please give us a call at Drain Doctor. We will conduct a video pipe inspection to detect both large and invisible damages that might have infiltrated the plumbing lines. We will also make recommendations on the necessary steps to take in fixing the problem. 

Our certified plumbing technicians will provide a comprehensive repair, replacement and installation services on your plumbing lines and also find the most efficient solution to the plant root causing the damage. Give us a call today at Drain Doctor and we will be there to help you out.