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Sewer Ejector Pumping

Sewer Ejector Pumping in Atlanta

Whenever any kind of plumbing appliance or fixture is installed underground, a sewer ejector pump must also be installed.  Sewer ejector pumps are installed in the sump basin in your basement floor and its main job is to pump wastewater and solids up into the sewer lines of your home or your septic tank system if that’s what you have. If you have a sewer ejector and need sewer ejector pumping in Atlanta, there is only one place to call and that’s Drain Doctor!

The reason you need sewer ejector installation could be many things – low elevation, uneven landscaping, etc. Since every underground plumbing system has one of these installed as well, it’s important that you as the homeowner know what your sewer ejector does and how it works. If you aren’t familiar with this kind of plumbing, then make sure to keep reading and learn more from the Drain Doctor team!

What Does a Sewer Ejector Do and How Do They Work?

Do you have underground plumbing and you aren’t sure what your sewer ejector pump does, how it works, and when you know it’s time for sewer ejector pumping in Atlanta or sewer ejector pump replacement? You are in the right place! Drain Doctor is here to help.

As stated earlier, your sewer ejector pump is located in the sump basin in the floor of your basement and it can hold up to 30 gallons of wastewater. The drain lines from your different plumbing appliances in your home all connect to this pump and when the level of water in your sump basin reaches a certain level, the sewer ejector pump is triggered. Once the pump is triggered, the wastewater is pumped out to the ground level and then into your sewer or septic system. Once the water levels go back to normal, the pump automatically shuts off.

Another that needs to be installed during sewer ejector pump installation is a vent that comes out of your sump pump and connects directly to your roof. The size of vent you need is at least 2" to ensure proper ventilation.

When doing any kind of work or projects with your sewer lines or your septic tank systems, it isn’t going to be pretty. To ensure safety and get the results you want, it’s always smart to call Drain Doctor for sewer ejector pumping in Atlanta, sewer ejector pump replacement, sewer ejector pump installation in Atlanta.

Sewer Ejector Installation in Atlanta

Is it finally time for sewer ejector pump replacement? Are you looking for sewer ejector pump installation in Atlanta? Do you have a sewer ejector pump that needs sewer ejector pumping in Atlanta? No matter what your needs are, Drain Doctor is happy to help! We offer a wide variety of sewer ejector pump services in Atlanta to ensure your plumbing appliances are always working as they should. You can call our office anytime to speak to one of our team members and schedule a qualified plumbers today!


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