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Reasons You’re Struggling with Low Shower Pressure

Reasons You’re Struggling with Low Shower Pressure

Reasons You’re Struggling with Low Shower Pressure

A shower just does not hit right when the water pressure is low. If you want a truly relaxing shower to cap the day, then check out these reasons why you might be struggling with low shower pressure. Many are easy and quick fixes, but some might call for the assistance of a qualified plumber. The folks at Drain Doctor are proud to be your local source for reliable and affordable repairs. We do offer emergency service, so do not ever hesitate to call. Our live representatives and dedicated plumbers are on standby to take your call.

Check the Water Valve

The main water shutoff valve controls the water supply entering your property. When a local plumber comes to do some work on your pipes, they will likely turn the main water shutoff valve off to stop water from flowing through the pipes and making a mess. They should turn it back on before leaving. If they have left the main water shutoff valve even partially closed, then your plumbing fixtures will be getting a restricted supply of water.
Locate your main water shutoff valve. It can be found in your basement, near the water heater, or on the perimeter of your property. Make sure the valve is fully opened. If not, then give it a turn.

Water Leaks

If there is a water leak in the pipes, then the amount of water reaching your showerhead is naturally going to be little. Check around your house for signs of leaks. Look for mold, mildew, water stains, and puddles of water. A sudden spike in the water bill is also a sign of a leak. Call Drain Doctor if you need a leak detected or repaired.

Clogged Pipes

Water supply lines can clog just like drains can clog. Obviously, a clogged pipe is going to restrict the flow of water. Water supply lines can clog because of frozen water or mineral buildup among other reasons. Proper insulation can help against freezing and water softeners or filters can reduce mineral buildup. It can also be that your pipes are corroded or damaged. Call Drain Doctor for a professional inspection if your tap water is discolored or tastes or smells bad.

Clogged Showerhead

The showerhead itself can clog just like pipes can clog, and usually for the same reasons. Fortunately, repairing or even replacing the showerhead is a quick and easy DIY project. You can start by soaking the showerhead in vinegar overnight and using an old toothbrush to scrub away any gunk. If the showerhead is really old, then you might be better off replacing the fixture. The folks at Drain Doctor can get this job done quickly and affordably.

Hot Water Heater

It might be surprising, but your water heater can affect the water pressure of both your cold water and hot water. There are two things to check: the water tank and the water heater valve. Low water pressure can be caused by a buildup of sediment in the tank. Remember to flush out the tank once a year to prevent such a buildup. Next, check the water heater valve. Make sure it is open.