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How to Patch a Leaky Pipe While Waiting a Plumber

How to Patch a Leaky Pipe While Waiting a Plumber

How to Patch a Leaky Pipe While Waiting a Plumber

Picture this: You are sitting at home minding your own business when you hear some water running, but it’s not your faucets – it’s a leak or burst pipe. This is certain to jolt any homeowner. What do you do? Aside from calling Drain Doctor to hire a plumber for a repair, there are some things to do and do quickly. In this article, we will help you patch a leaky pipe while waiting for the nearby plumber to arrive. The dedicated plumbers at Drain Doctor are always ready to help with quick and quality service, so call us any time to speak with a live representative.

Don’t Just Stand There. Cut the Water Supply!

Unless you want your floors flooded with water, then you have got to cut the water supply quickly. Head to the water shutoff valve and turn it off. In most cases, the water shutoff valve is located in the basement or garage, somewhere along the perimeter of the house. If you are not sure where the water shutoff valve is located, then run the faucet that is closest to the pipe in question. This should drain away the water.

Wipe the Pipe and Dry the Area

Now that the water has stopped flowing, it is time to clean up. Water can cause damage to your cabinets, drywall, and other personal property, so salvage sensitive items quickly and mob the floor and clean the area. Then, wipe the pipe to dry it off. Otherwise, the upcoming patch will not stick.

Tighten Joints

Look around the exposed piping and use an adjustable wrench to check the tightness of joints. The fittings might already be tight, but if there is looseness, then tightening them can help form a stronger seal, making your temporary patch more reliable until the plumber arrives with a long-lasting solution.

Patch the Pipe

You are now ready to patch the pipe for a temporary fix until the plumber arrives. A very reliable method is with epoxy putty. Break off a piece, knead it with your hands, then push it in the crack or whole. You want some around the crack as well for a true seal.

You can also use a piece of neoprene or rubber along with some pipe clamps to seal the leaky pipe. If all else fails, grab some duct tape and wrap around the leaky pipe several times. You want to wrap the duct tape tightly so that it holds until the plumber arrives.

Call Drain Doctor for Emergency Service

If you are dealing with a leak or suspect a leak, then call Drain Doctor to speak with a courteous representative. We are happy to provide our services around the clock. Our dedicated plumbers in Alpharetta are on standby to respond to requests for an urgent dispatch. Call now to have a plumber dispatched to your location in as soon as within the hour. Don’t forget to ask about our ongoing promotional offers and get a price estimate upfront. We are ready when you are.