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How to Clean Hair Out of a Drain

How to Clean Hair Out of a Drain

How to Clean Hair Out of a Drain

If your shower drain, bathtub drain, or bathroom sinks are not draining properly, then hair is the most likely culprit. At Drain Doctor, we get a lot of calls requesting a drain cleaning or unclogging. We are always happy to help our community and our plumbers in Atlanta GA are ready to dispatch to your location. However, we thought it would be helpful to share some quick tips on how to clean hair out of a drain on your own. If these methods do not eliminate the clog, then call Drain Doctor to consult with a courteous representative. We are happy to send a plumber to your location.

The “Least Yucky” Method

Yes, it is most likely your hair that is in the drains but that does not make it any less yucky, does it? If you are grossed out by drains, then start with this drain cleaning method. You will just have to pour some ingredients down the drain and get to some plunging. Gather some dish soap, a cup of baking soda, a cup of vinegar, some boiling water, and a cup plunger.
First, pour some dish soap down the drain and chase it with a cup of baking soda, making sure the baking soda gets down in the drain. Then, pour the cup of vinegar after the baking soda which will start a chemical reaction that causes the mixture to fizz.
After the fizzing dies down, water a few minutes and boil some water to slowly pour down the drain. Let the water cool a little before pouring. The baking soda and vinegar mixture should have broken up the hair. This hot water will wash it all down the drain. Finally, plunge away.

Pluck It Out

If the previous option did not work or if you do not have the supplies, then you will have to get a little dirty. Grab a screwdriver, rubber gloves, a flashlight, and some needle-nose pliers. 
First remove the drain stopper. You might be able to pry it off, but there is a chance you may need your screwdriver first. Now that you have a clear opening into the drain, shine your flashlight and try to locate the clump of hair. Put on your gloves, grab your needle-nose pliers, and reach in to pluck the hair out. Run some hot water down the drain before replacing the stopper.

Use A Drain Snake

Is the clog deeper down than the needle-nose pliers will let you reach? Grab a drain snake or produce a makeshift one by unraveling a clothes hanger. Wrap and tape some clothe on one end of the hanger to prevent damaging the drains. Insert the drain snake into the drain, contorting and twisting as you push it in fully and similarly when you pull it out. This should catch any hair caught in the drain.

Call the Plumbers at Drain Doctor

If none of these methods are cutting it, then call Drain Doctor to schedule an appointment with a qualified plumber. We are also happy to arrange an emergency dispatch to your location.