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How Can I Prevent Sewage Back-Up?

How Can I Prevent Sewage Back-Up?

How Can I Prevent Sewage Back-Up?

Sewer backup is one of the greatest fears of most homeowners, fortunately, such backup issues can be easily prevented. If you are facing occasional or constant sewer backup, please contact us at Drain Doctor and we will find a lasting solution for it. The following ways are some of the tips and ideas on ways to prevent sewage backup;

Tree Roots

Trees will require moisture to thrive, and if their access to moisture is limited, they will start looking for nearby moist areas, including the sewer lines, to trap moisture. Don’t think your home is safe from tree root damage because roots can travel very far to access moisture. Regular inspection and maintenance of trees and sewer lines in and around your home can help prevent sewer backups caused by tree roots.


Clogs are the commonest cause of sewage backup in homes and commercial properties. Clogs are caused mainly because people flush items that are not supposed to be flushed down through the toilet. Items such as paper towels, grease, and plastic substances, are some of the common items people accidentally or deliberately flush down the toilet and sewer lines can’t handle such items, hence leading to clogging and eventual backing up of sewage into the home.

 If you notice your sewer line has been clogged please contact us at Drain Doctor for a solution and restoration of the sewer system. Also, it is important to try as much as possible to avoid clogs by educating your household on reasons why flushing any item down the toilet can create such serious problems.

Collapsed Sewer Line

Sewer lines will not last forever, and their functionality will depend largely on the age of your home. If your sewer line is constructed with outdated material it may not last long. Thankfully, modern sewer lines are made from heavy-duty plastic materials that are long-lasting and sturdy against a wide range of damages. 

Older homes are mostly known for having sewer lines made from cast iron and clay piping and these materials disintegrate and wear down quickly until they eventually collapse. When the sewage system collapses, the sewage will have nowhere to go, hence it comes back up. You can rely on professional sewer line technicians at Drain Doctor to replace your sewer lines with more durable and long-lasting options to reduce the risks of sewer line collapse.

Drain Doctor Offers Trusted and Guaranteed Sewer Line Installation, Repairs and Replacement Services

Prolong neglect of sewer line can lead to total system collapse which could result in sewer backup into your home or business premise. The sight and health risk of sewer backup can be very irritating; hence it is a situation you don’t want to postpone. At Drain Doctor, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection on your sewer line to ascertain whether a repair or replacement services will be needed after fixing the sewer backup issue. We will provide an honest quote before we proceed with any service. For all sewer line issues, please contact us at Drain Doctor for a solution and peace of mind.