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Dealing with Different Drain Types

Dealing with Different Drain Types

Dealing with Different Drain Types

There are more drains in your home than you probably know or think of, this is the reason why you need a drain technician who can handle emergency blockage of such drains.  Drain Doctor has been offering drain cleaning and repair services for many years, we are always ready to fix your drain issues. 

Dealing with The Bathroom Sink 

The bathroom sink perhaps is one of the places where drain issues can badly affect. Everyone uses the bathroom sink every day, it is of no surprise that the bathroom sink drain gets clogged faster than other drains in the home. 

When the bathroom sink drain is blocked, it will lead to nasty water backups, you may need a plunger to deal with it. You may also try a mixture of baking soda with vinegar and boiling water, perhaps the most reliable way to deal with it is to contact a certified plumber. 

Dealing with The Tubs and Shower Drains

Soap, hair and shampoo residue will accumulate and eventually block the drain connected to tubs and showers. It is important to keep your bathtub and shower drain clean at all times by preventing all kinds of elements from flowing into the drain. You may want to use a plunger with hot water to remove the blockage to the drain but contacting a certified plumber is the most appropriate way to handle this situation. 

Dealing with Kitchen Sink

If you constantly pour oil, fat, grease and other forms of dirt through the kitchen sink, the drain connected will eventually become clogged. Never make attempts to use chemical drains to unclog the kitchen drain, it can cause more damages. You can pour a mix of baking soda with vinegar and hot water but you can save time and costs by contacting a professional plumber to unclog the drain. Avoid pouring eggshells, paper, coffee grinds, fruit and vegetable peels down the kitchen drain, you may end up dealing with clogged drains once again. 

Dealing with Toilet Drain Issues

Making sure that your toilet is kept clean is very important because clogged toilet drain can be messy and even trigger health problems. You need to educate your kids to stop flushing toys and other items down the toilet. Such items may eventually cause clogging that a plunger may not handle efficiently. If you have a toilet drain clog issues, please contact Drain Doctor for a solution. 

Get All Your Plumbing Needs from Drain Doctor

Do you constantly have your toilet, bathroom or kitchen drains clogged? It could be as a result of not carrying out maintenance services on such drains. When you schedule maintenance drain cleaning and repairs, you will discover clogging and other issues on time before they create a bigger mess. At Drain Doctor we do provide 24/7 and emergency drain cleaning, drain repair and drain replacement services. we can schedule a maintenance cleaning that will ensure that your drain is working smoothly without issues. Give us a call today and we will be right there to help you.